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A revival of the ancient practice of sound healing is revolutionizing holistic wellness and meditation experiences around the globe.

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We’re bringing this art to South Florida in a whole NEW way, by combining

Modern understandings of the mindbody with ancient musical, meditation, and inner journey practices!

We offer and host public and private sound journeys for all types of events!


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THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Where science meets sound for an experience like no other.

Experience the sound therapy innovation emerging right here in Sarasota.

In a region known for its spiritual significance and natural energetic vortexes, our Vibrational Medicine Shoppe & Spa brings to you the OM Shamanic Sound Journeys™, a powerful new energy therapy bridging vibrational medicine, sound, & hypnosis.

Sarasota is the Sedona of the south and the crystal quartz sands of world-famous Siesta Key Beach are unparalleled in their energetic properties.

Combining ancient & modern sound therapy techniques (science of mindbody), with professional hypnosis, neuroscientific approaches, and professional musicians/certified sound practitioners, the OM Shoppe provides an immersive transcendental sound experience like no other, and has raised the bar for professional sound therapy in the East Coast and beyond!

Come experience this one-of-a-kind medicine music concert at our beautiful spa oasis, or let us bring our elevating vibrations to you!

A unique surround-sound meditation experience like you’ve never had before.

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What is a Sound Journey?

An OM Shamanic Sound JourneyTM is a surround-sound hypnotically-guided immersive meditation experience to relax the body, calm the nervous system, and invite connection with your inner self.

It is a concert of meditative sound in which professional hypnosis (hypnotic induction, neuro linguistic programming & hypnotic suggestion) is combined with an improvised flow of various types of sound therapy instruments for deep relaxation, overall well-being, and inner exploration.

In an intimate environment of only 16 participants at a time, all you have to do is simply close your eyes, relax, and listen to the sounds.

This is a transformative active listening experience of various vibrations, where the entire atmosphere invites you to receive unconditional loving energy, and to allow your inner imagery and wisdom to guide you to more personal peace and emotional freedom.

At the OM Shoppe & Spa, every experience is unique.

Each journey is composed for a specific intention and incorporates the group energy into its intuitive flow.

Each journey is framed in a way that promotes an expansion of consciousness (releasing old emotional patterns, and opening and clearing the body’s energetic pathways, while triggering the body’s natural relaxation response).

THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing
THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

We use a different combination of instruments for each journey based on its theme.

Choosing from an ever-expanding selection of instruments, we use more than 10 crystal singing bowls for each journey, along with:

  • Carefully selected ambient & percussive instruments such as wooden and metal windchimes, rainsticks, shakers, shekeres, wind gongs, cabasas, buffalo drums, tambourines, udus, and more!
  • Other types of singing bowls (frosted, clear, and Tibetan),
  • Strings (violin, guitar, and others),
  • Other indigenous and unique instruments such as steel tongue drums, flutes, ZEN tubes, crystal pyramids, and more!
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What makes the OM Shamanic Sound Journey™ different than other Sound Bath or Sound Journey experiences?

Besides having a guided imagery and hypnosis induction (performed by our certified clinical hypnotherapist), Shamanic Sound Journeys at the OM are very intentionally composed to take one deep into an exploration of their inner world.

A group of experienced sound therapy practitioners and professional musicians use various rhythmic and melodic elements designed to lower your brainwaves into a theta state and keep you in a light trance.

Their musical expertise inspires a whole voyage of imagery and invites resolution as they bring you back to conscious waking reality.

Each composition is based on ancient shamanic techniques that have been used for centuries and updated with the latest in mindbody and neuroscience research.

With the powerful intention of unconditional love, guided imagery, and waves of sonic channeling, you will be gently entrained into a state of deep calm, setting the tone for the expansion of consciousness, and triggering the body’s relaxation response and self-healing capacity.

THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

What makes a good Sound Bath or Sound Therapy Experience?

While every sound bath will be experienced differently for each person, there are universal elements that are important to have in order to create a relaxing, transcendental sound & meditation experience.

The following all make a significant impact on how effective the sound bath experience can be:

  • The quality of the instruments performed,
  • How the instruments are approached,
  • How the instruments blend together, and
  • How knowledgeable the practitioner is with music theory, composition, and improvisation
  • Framing with appropriate hypnotic language or neuro-linguistic programming
    Having a professionally trained clinical hypnotherapist or certified hypnotic guide to help you achieve a state of hypnosis or trance is key to deepening the experience even more.
THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

The more skillful the practitioner is in creating harmonious soundscape and mood, the easier it can be for the recipient to relax the mindbody and have vivid inner imagery activated for a deep journey within.

This empowers the participant with the time and space to:

  • Do their inner work,
  • Clear emotional blocks,
  • Do forgiveness work, and
  • Find their own answers within.

The skilled practitioner has one foot in ordinary reality and the other in non-ordinary reality, acting as both a channeler and a guide.

By maintaining this state, the practitioner carries the freedom of inspired movement and playing while recognizing his role in shaping the participants’ inner journeys, and gently bringing them back to a safe space of energetic resolution.

What can a Sound Journey Experience Do for You?

Among the many benefits of sound, these are a few of the ways a sound journey can impact you:

  • Activate your 3rd eye
  • Connect with your higher self
  • Release negative patterns
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Enhance self-hypnosis abilities
  • Strengthen your meditation experiences
  • Awaken intuitive abilities
  • Cultivate self-empowerment
  • Increase neuroplasticity
  • Cultivate personal change
  • Improve peace of mind
  • Create personal contentment
  • More empowered living
THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Through the celestial sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, sacred percussion, nature sounds, chimes, violin, and other instruments, intuitively composed just for you, you will be led into a journey to reveal a message from your higher self, and to induce a state of sympathetic resonance between sound, body, and mind.

Music is the language of spirit and can be a powerful visual stimulant that opens a gateway into our subconscious.

By making a connection between the nervous system and visual cortex, a guided sound journey impacts your emotional and physical states, making desired change more possible.

It allows the bypassing of the conscious mind, so that the subconscious can unveil its discomforts and deeper blocks, and shift into a more empowered state of flow, creation, and possibility.

The OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Why are Sound Journeys at the OM Shoppe & Spa so special?

In a deliberately mood-lifting atmosphere with low, colored lights from selenite & himalayan salt lamps, intention-based aromatherapy, and a crystal-gridded room, each of only 16 participants relax back on a zero-gravity chair with an eye mask to float on the sounds all around them.

In the carefully-cultivated atmosphere of our shop & spa, energy is constantly flowing, charging, and renewing.

This is an atmosphere that is difficult to recreate elsewhere, although we certainly do our best when we are called to.

The OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Do you offer Private Sound Journeys?

Yes! Besides our public monthly offerings you can check out here, we also customize private group journeys to fit a variety of needs. Explore our options for private events (link to Private Events).

For a deeper, more individualized transformative experience, sign up for a customized private individual treatment with Zooey Seraphine (musical director & sound therapy practitioner) or explore our spa menu here.

Read more about her one-on-one journeys here.

The OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Etiquette for your Sound Experience

  • Arrive without strong scents on you (i.e., perfume, cologne, or body odor).
  • Be respectful of the sensitivities of those around you.
  • Do not touch the sound bath instruments, unless you ask permission. Some are personal instruments of the sound practitioners, but we will be happy to show you how to approach the shop instruments for sale.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early, so you have time to settle into your seats and receive instruction before the journey begins.
  • Do not talk during the sound journey. Silence all cell phones and other distracting devices.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during the sound experience.
  • If you need an extra blanket to be comfortable, please bring it.

For your Sound Journey you are provided one massage sheet and one eye mask.
You’ll enjoy the journey from reclining zero-gravity chair that helps your back release tension.
Crystal infused alkaline water and grounding dark chocolate round out your amazing experience.

A unique surround-sound meditation experience like you’ve never had before.

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