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Why Do Sound Journeys Work So Well To Help You Create More Peace Of Mind?

In a region known for its spiritual significance and natural energetic vortexes, our Vibrational Medicine Shoppe & Spa brings to you the OM Shamanic Sound Journey™, a powerful new energy therapy bridging vibrational medicine, sound, & hypnosis.

Sarasota is the “Sedona of the South” and the crystal quartz sands of world-famous Siesta Key Beach are unparalleled in their energetic properties.

Combining ancient & modern sound therapy techniques (science of mindbody), with professional hypnosis, neuroscientific approaches, and professional musicians/certified sound practitioners, the OM Shoppe provides an immersive transcendental sound experience like no other, and has raised the bar for professional sound therapy in the East Coast and beyond!

Start today and experience this one-of-a-kind medicine music concert in the comfort of your home, or out in nature!

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Float In a Soundscape of Over 150 World Instruments

We use a different combination of instruments for each journey based on its theme/intention. Choosing from an ever-expanding selection of instruments, we use a carefully selected array of:

  • Over 10 crystal singing bowls
  • Wooden and metal chimes
  • Rainsticks & ocean drums
  • Steel-tongue drums & crystal harp
  • Shakers, shekeres, wind gong & cabasas
  • Buffalo drums, tambourines, udus,
  • Violin, resonator guitar, and other strings,
  • And the list continues to evolve!

We also use other types of singing bowls (frosted, clear, alchemy, & Tibetan), other indigenous and unique instruments such as tambora, flutes, ZEN tubes, crystal pyramids, crystal bells, and more!

What Will I Experience During My OM Sound Journey?

An OM Shamanic Sound JourneyTM is a surround-sound hypnotically-guided immersive meditation experience to

relax the body, calm the nervous system, & invite connection with your inner self.

  • It is a 1-hour continuous flow concert of meditative sound in which professional hypnosis (hypnotic induction, neurolinguistic programming & hypnotic suggestion) is combined with a musical arrangement & improvisational flow by professional musicians.
  • We use various types of sound therapy instruments for deep relaxation, overall well-being, and inner exploration.

What Will I Do During My OM Sound Journey?

All you have to do is simply close your eyes, relax, and listen to the sounds. These journeys are available for download or replay as often as you like! 

This is a transformative active listening experience of various vibrations, where the entire atmosphere invites you to receive unconditional loving energy, and to allow your inner imagery and wisdom to guide you to more personal peace and emotional freedom.

  • Resonance works to make every journey unique, through careful composition.
  • Each journey is composed for a specific intention and incorporates the group energy into its intuitive flow.

Each journey is framed in a way that promotes an expansion of consciousness (releasing old emotional patterns, and opening and clearing the body’s energetic pathways), while triggering the body’s natural relaxation response.

What can a Sound Journey Experience Do for You?

Among the many benefits of sound, these are a few of the ways a sound journey can impact you:

  • Cultivate self-empowerment
  • Increase neuroplasticity
  • Cultivate personal change
  • Improve peace of mind
  • Create personal contentment
  • More empowered living
  • Activate your 3rd eye
  • Connect with your higher self
  • Release negative patterns
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Enhance self-hypnosis abilities
  • Strengthen your meditation experiences

Through the celestial sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, sacred percussion, nature sounds, chimes, violin, and other instruments, intuitively composed just for you, you will be led into a journey to reveal a message from your higher self, and to induce a state of sympathetic resonance between sound, body, and mind.

Music is the language of spirit and can be a powerful visual stimulant that opens a gateway into our subconscious.

By making a connection between the nervous system and visual cortex, a guided sound journey impacts your emotional and physical states, making desired change more possible.

It allows the bypassing of the conscious mind, so that the subconscious can unveil its discomforts and deeper blocks, and shift into a more empowered state of flow, creation, and possibility.

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