Valuable Enhancements Included
with Every Spa Treatment!

At The OM Shoppe & Spa, we believe special considerations should be an inherent part of any restorative treatment towards enhanced well-being.

These “OM Advantage” extras add value to every treatment, and provide you with an experience above and beyond most wellness services. In short we offer the best energy & massage treatments in Sarasota, Florida.

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Personalized Biofeedback Chakra Analysis & Aura Report

Organic Sheets

Amethyst Biomat Far Infrared Negative Ion Therapy

Himalayan Salt Negative Ion Therapy and Chromotherapy (color therapy)

Organic Aromatherapy

Receive Crystal Frequency Infused Water at the End of the Treatment

Personalized Biofeedback Chakra Analysis & Aura Report – Only at The Om Shoppe and Spa

$30 a la carte, or Free With Any Treatment

Through the use of biofeedback we begin all treatments at The Om Shoppe and Spa with an Chakra Aura Analysis. This allows us to customized treatments, recommend products and help you gain insight into the areas to focus on.

You receive a customized 22 page detailed report from our Chakra Imaging & Aura Energy Analysis program. This report will allow you to see how well your chakras and energy body are balanced and functioning.

  • Some of the many positive health benefits of a biofeedback reading…
  • Provide instant easy to understand information on human energy levels.
  • Biofeedback sensors are extremely sensitive to the slightest changes in bodily calmness.
  • Create personalized treatments based on detailed energy readings.
  • Monitor internal or externally stressed energy channels.
  • Sessions allow you to learn to regulate the relaxation response.
  • Identify the signs of rising energy-stress, allowing you to address the issue before physical symptoms arise.

Read more about the Biofeedback Aura Chakra Report here.

Organic Sheets

Of course the best energy treatments in Sarasota are experiences on the finest organic sheets. Non organic sheets can hold the toxic pesticides and herbicides used on the plants that make up the material threads. These toxic chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and, or respiration system and may irritate people sensitive to chemicals.

Amethyst BioMat Far Infrared Technology

Relax into your spa treatment as the Amethyst Biomat’s gentle adjustable heat, negative ions, far-infrared and delta entrainment therapy work to sooth & calm the nerves, improve immune function, assist detoxification and reduce stress, fatigue and pain.

Click to to learn more about the powerful benefits of BioMat Treatments!

The Bio-Mat is a registered medical device, no statements here are meant to cure, treat or diagnose any conditions.

Himalayan Salt Negative Ion Therapy and Chromotherapy (color therapy)

As you enter your treatment room you will notice the Himalayan Salt Lights displaying a range of healing colors. The treatment room is essentially a negative ion field similar to that amazing feeling you get at the beach or after a rainstorm.

Our rooms are also equipped with ongoing Chromotherapy or light therapy to enhance your spa experience.

Benefits of (-) Negative Ions

Ever wonder why you feel so good at the beach? You are being bombarded by negative ions! In fact many studies have shown that our health is dependent on the amount and quality of negative ions in the air we breathe. A world famous professor from Michigan University A.D. Moore stated that breathing air with negative ions can be as helpful as a medical treatment such as in healing a wound.

Why Negative Ions Help Us

Within the human body are billions of cells, each enclosed by a cell wall. The cell wall in essence keeps the cell healthy by performing many tasks.

Cells are stabilized and normalized if their are enough (-) negative ions within the cell and (-) ions outside the cell. The reverse of this holds true as well. To many positive ions interrupt the cells functioning and leads to dis-ease of the cell.
Research has shown that exposure to more (-) ions helps us in the following ways.

  • Purification of Blood
  • Reviving Our Cells
  • Increases Immunity
  • Improves our Autonomic Nervous System

Colored Light Transforms the OM Spa Treatment Room.

Every OM Shoppe & Spa treatment is infused with chromotherapy. Each treatment room features a strip of Himalayan salt tiles illuminated by colored light which circulates through 28 different colors, providing a full range of color healing throughout your experience.

The perfect supplement to our Sound Wave Attunement, Crystal Alchemy Attunement, or Integrated Energy Therapy treatments, our colored lights partner with the Himalayan salt slabs to emit negative ions.

This synergistic combination will leave your immune system strengthened and your physical, mental, and spiritual selves revitalized. You can read more about chromotherapy on our blog!

– Stimulates the blood, nerves, adrenal glands
– Energizes all organs
– Good for blood-related conditions

– Stimulates the thyroid, digestion, lungs
– Reduces excessive sexual energy
– Relieves muscle cramps and spasms

– Stimulates the stomach, liver, intestines
– Aids in the healing of scar tissue
– Acts as a laxative

– Stimulates the heart and blood pressure
– Influences all conditions of the heart
– Cures hormonal imbalance

– Cools inflammation, fever, high blood pressure
– Calms headaches, anger, aggression, hysteria
– Resets our biological clock

– Stimulates the pineal gland
– Alleviates skin, eye, and ear problems
– Purifies the bloodstream

– Stimulates the spleen and white blood cells
– Heals melancholy, delusions, addiction
– A soothing anti-inflammatory

Organic Aromatherapy

Organic aromatherapy is included in many of our treatments at no extra charge. 

The use of essential oils for aromatherapy is known to restore balance to the mind body and soul. The properties of organic essential oils can help calm frayed nerves or energize tired ones, they can improve mood. and even help with respiratory or skin issues.

The OM Shoppe & Spa uses only Therapeutic grade A, organic or wild crafted, gas chromatography tested essential oils, to ensure absolute purity in all of our aromatherapy.

Receive Complimentary Crystal Frequency Infused Water

Crystals have a structure called a lattice. It is an organization of molecules in a pattern. This pattern affects the way the crystal grows and contributes significantly to its unique abilities to absorb, focus and amplify the Universal Life Force. The vibrations at the molecular level within the lattice form resonances that reintroduce healthy stability on the bio-molecular level when there is an out-of-balance energy within an organism.

These molecular level vibrations can essentially imprint patterns in the auric and biomolecular fields of water which can then, in turn, pass on those vibratory healing patterns to another auric or biomolecular field, like that of a person, animal, or plant.

The energy patterns of the crystal are the results of its subtle alteration and focusing of the Universal Life Force. In the production of elixirs, water absorbs the crystal’s energy pattern, potentializes it, and stores it.

The patterns are manifested upon the water’s interaction with a life entity.

The ancient Chinese used elixirs of jade, cinnabar, and hematite for longevity. The famous text “Tan Chin Yao Ch’eh” from about 600 AD discusses the creation of elixirs from precious stones. The oldest Indian texts speak of such elixirs.

Vedic texts dating back as far as 3000 BC speak to their use. In ancient Greece and medieval Europe, powdered gemstones were used to treat a host of ailments. Even today, mineral salts, tinctures, and vitamin compounds assure modern man benefits from the Earth’s bounty of healing energy found in the mineral kingdom.” ~ Crystal Vaults

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