The OM Shoppe & Spa - Personalized Deep Tissue Massage
The OM Shoppe & Spa - Personalized Deep Tissue Massage

Personalized / Deep Tissue Massage 

Do you desire a massage with deep, therapeutic hands-on pressure? Are you looking to get a deep tissue or trigger point release of tension and stress?

During the customized Deep Tissue Massage your therapist focuses on the underlying muscles and connective tissues by using deeper pressure to “flush” the body of toxins as well as find and relieve adhesions, or chronic tension in the muscles.

Your personalized Deep Tissue Massage begins with a consultation with your therapist where you will discuss what your body needs that day. Your therapist will work with your pressure preference to achieve your relaxation goals. Deep tissue release work may take more than one session to relieve chronic pain patterns. *We recommend weekly visits to achieve your physical comfort goals.

Your deep tissue massage includes all The Om Spa Advantage add-ons: biofeedback aura report, customized crystal singing bowl sound wave healing therapy, organic aromatherapy, Amethyst Biomat and steamed towel for the feet.

This treatment is best for those with general or chronic muscle tightness, muscle soreness from working out and postural imbalances. Our personalized/deep tissue massage provides more targeted hands-on tension relief along with energetic balancing.

Ideal for the following issues:

Chronic Discomfort
Muscle Spasms
Post Surgical Adhesions
Post Injury Adhesions

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Postural Imbalances
Spasms & Cramps
Anxiety & Stress

Tired of living with chronic soreness, stiffness and discomfort? Take a holistic approach to improving mobility and feel better now! Consider our Focused Relief Package and get moving again.

“Just plain AWESOME!”

If you want a unique experience, go to the OM Shoppe & Spa. From the wonderful ladies that operate this boutique business, to the specialty items, to the massages, it is truly a wonderful way to calm down and let yourself go into that happy place. And they just added facials. Can’t wait to have my first one in another week! Love, love, love this place

– Laura

“I highly recommend to everyone.”

The Om Shoppe and Spa was recommended to me by a coworker and friend. From the moment I walked into the shop my attitude changed. I had a busy work day and planned this visit right out of work. Everyone was at peace and the music was calm and healing. My treatment was amazing!

I highly recommend to everyone. In our high stressed society we need to experience zen once in awhile. I will definitely go back!

– Michelle S.