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Hypnotic Programming

Hypnotic Programming Sessions

1 Session, 1.5 Hours
Package of 3 Sessions

Did You Know You Are Already Hypnotized?

Hypnotic Suggestion Therapy is a highly effective way to access the subconscious mind and have an immediate impact on behavior & emotional responses. In fact, the truth is you are already hypnotized. Your beliefs, experiences and memories are being utilized by your subconscious mind to direct your behaviour and emotional responses in every moment. If you are feeling stuck, trying to change a habit, way of feeling or behaviour pattern then Hypnotic Programming is for you.

During your Hypnosis session we work together and directly with your subconscious mind to powerfully change beliefs and behaviors.

Your subconscious mind truly wants to protect you and bring you closer to peace. Sometimes our subconscious mind is working with old programming from the earliest events in our lives. Helping every part of you align to what you truly want and need in your life today through hypnosis is a safe, simple and successful way to create the peace of mind and change you seek.

We prepare a customized hypnosis programming session during your session. We can also prepare a recording by recording directly into your smartphone or tablet so you will take your customized recording with you to use daily in the comfort of your own home.

Hypnotic programming can be employed to to increase performance, happiness and help you with any other thoughts or beliefs you would like to restructure.

It is said that the pain of life in inevitable yet the suffering is optional.

Tap into the power within to live an emotionally free and joyful life.

Reduce Anxiety – Improve Peace of Mind – Achieve Goals!

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