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The OM Shoppe & Spa - Chakra and Aura Biofeedback - Sarasota

Chakra & Aura Biofeedback

Chakra & Aura Biofeedback Sessions

10-15 Min / Free with any Spa Treatment
If receiving with a Spa service, be sure to arrive early for your Analysis & Review

Om Chakra AnalysisSee Your Auric Energy In Full Spectrum

We are proud to offer cutting-edge advancements to aid in natural healing of the physical body and emotional well-being.

Aura Video Station 7® measures and displays biofeedback data such as your aura image.

Five in-depth applications display biofeedback readings instantly. Each application serves a different purpose, such as depicting Chakra strengths, emotional state, overall Aura colour, BioData energy levels and much more.

All of this is provided to you in a 22 page report that is easy-to-read, contains detailed graphs and more!

We’ll review your aura report with you one-on-one and base your treatments and product recommendations directly on what you energetically need. Bringing together scientific data and extensive human-energy information, biofeedback machines are a truly innovative solution for holistic health. The Om Shoppe’s state of the Art Aura imaging system provides in depth energetic information to help guide you in choosing alternative healing methods.

How Does The Aura Machine Work?

Biofeedback Reading
– A biosensor measures skin temperature and electro-dermal activity (electrical energy) as biofeedback data. Just touch your hand on the sensor & relax!

Displays on Screen – Watch as we display your energy field data as 3D full-body aura images, detailed graphs and charts. We capture a snapshot and prepare a 22 page customized report for you to take home.

Your Personalized Biofeedback Chakra Analysis Report!

Data Translated – Each aura image is a personal representation of the individual’s bio-energetic field and unique life-data. It portrays their emotional energy, personality type, and overall wellness statistics.

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OM Chakra BiofeedbackWhat does energy imaging technology measure?

Aura technology measures the electro-dermal activity and temperature. This data is measured and processed by the hand biosensor and displayed as an accurate representation of the aura colors, chakras and other vital and insightful information.

Where did energy imaging technology originate?

Dr. Valerie Hunt, a leading researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, conducted studies using sophisticated sensors to record subjects’ biofeedback data while clairvoyant healers described their aura. She discovered that bio-data frequencies and patterns were indicative of aura colors. At The Om Shoppe, our Aura Machine uses energy technology combined with biofeedback data graphs and reports to measure a person’s emotional-energetic state.

Can energy imaging treat physical, emotional or mental problems or diseases?

Only a licensed practitioner can treat physical, emotional or mental diseases. However, many clients have found energy imaging technology to be a helpful tool in determining their overall mind-body-spirit condition. In some instances, biofeedback devices are used to monitor stress and are often used as a relaxation technique, as cited by the Mayo Clinic.

What is the difference between energy imaging and Kirlian photography?

Kirlian photography uses a high voltage setup to display the corona or energy around fingers or feet. A person places their fingers on an electric plate and after a light shock a corona around their finger appears on the photo paper. Inneractive measures the energy flow and activity in the body by collecting biofeedback data, not an electric shock or stimulation.

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