OM Shamanic Sound Journeys – The Science of Sound Healing

June 28, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
The OM Shoppe & Spa
4801 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota
FL 34231
The OM Shoppe & Spa

Come discover professional sound healing with musicians and certified sound healing professionals. The OM Shoppe & Spa is the area’s leading supplier of Vibrational Medicine tools to help those seeking to feel better, improve happiness and reach higher states of consciousness.

The OM Shoppe is honored to have aligned with professional musician, shamanic sound guide, musical instructor and sound healer Zen Seraphine. The Sonic Sunday Journey’s will be held once a month on the last Sunday of every month. Care and collaboration with the certified sound healers Beth A Snyder, CCHt and Nancy Parlor of The OM Shoppe ensure the experience you have with us is specifically designed and based on researched sound healing techniques, rhythms & intervals to help you remove emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. Past traumas in your bio filed are considered and full resolution through the Sound Journey is achieved.

You will experience a blend of, shamanic drumming, rhythm, crystal singing bowls, rattles, tuning forks, vocal toning, electric violin and more in a coordinated and orchestrated fashion to help improve participants well-being. Clinical hypnotheapist Beth A Snyder begins your journey by gently inducing a hypnotic state. Then your journey into sound begins. Consider your intention now.

Join us for a sound journey like no other. Reserve your seat today for this limited, unique and intimate evening. Gravity lounge chairs, crystal griding, crystal infused water and blankets provided. All participants receive a recording crystal. Call today seating is limited for this special event.

Purchase here: TICKETS
When: Last Sunday of Every Month
Where: 4801 S. Tamimai Trail #5
Cost: $75 Per Person

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2 thoughts on “OM Shamanic Sound Journeys – The Science of Sound Healing

  1. OM Shoppe says:

    HI Gerri, tickets are pre sold. You can call the store or check out online. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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