Sound Healing Academy Graduates Learn & Earn

This program is designed to help graduated students of the Sound Healing Academy prepare to enter the sound healing profession. It is designed as an earn while you learn opportunity to allow students to gain real world experience facilitating the Integral Sound Therapy Protocol taught by The Sound Healing Academy.

The OM Shoppe is providing this opportunity to qualifying practitioners to help them gain experience and confidence as they move forward into the profession as a professional Sound Healer.

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How Do I Qualify For A Sound Healing Internship?

Sound Healing Academy

Qualifications Required: To be accepted into the program the individual must have completed the following requirements:

  1. Successful completion of the Level 2 SHA program.
  2. Completed all case studies of the Level 2 SHA program.
  3. Obtain a letter of recommendation from their SHA mentor/instructor.
  4. Obtain liability Insurance with Arche Spark, Inc dba The OM Shoppe named as second insured.
  5. Be able to fulfill scheduled appointments with clients for a minimum of a two week period. (Accepted candidates can break this two week period up) 
  6. Be open and receptive to feedback & willing to adhere to The OM Shoppe’s standards, protocols and procedures.
  7. Fill out a w9 and accept The OM Shoppe Subcontractor Agreement.

Paid Internship: This is a unique opportunity to earn while you learn and gain confidence in a working environment and 5 star energy & sound healing spa. Appointments are not guaranteed and candidates should be prepared to self promote themselves and engage in the marketing education portion of the program.

However, The OM Shoppe will do extensive marketing and everything possible to fill the candidates schedule with clients seeking wellness through receiving the Integral Sound Healing Protocol taught by The Sound Healing Academy.

Rules & Regulations: A full orientation will be provided to the candidate to ensure they are comfortable with protocols and using the facility. To ensure our spa continues to run smoothly, the candidate is expected to follow at a minimum the following. 

  1. Be timely in both being on time and in adherence to treatment times.
  2. Respect our facility, clients, customers, vendors & other therapists.
  3. Refer to yourself in advertising, social media posts and more as an intern @ The OM Shoppe & Spa (not an employee or full time associate)
  4. Not engage in poaching of clientele for services outside of The OM Shoppe. Have a sound moral character.
  5. Actively market through social media and other means their availability and internship @ The OM Shoppe.
  6. Respect the privacy of clients, staff & customers of The OM Shoppe.
  7. Properly complete and use The OM Shoppe forms & records.

The OM Shoppe is excited to offer this incredible opportunity to qualified candidates. To apply please do the following.

  1. Write a cover letter explaining why you feel you are a good candidate and what you hope to do with the experience, how long you would like to intern, dates you are available and any questions. Include the letter of recommendation for your SHA instructor to Beth Snyder, CCHt
  2. Prepare to provide insurance information if accepted.
  3. Do your personal work to be prepared to provide a grounded and exceptional experience to your clients.

How to apply?

To receive further information and begin your application process please enter your first, last name and email below.