Sound Therapy Education @ The OM Shoppe & Spa

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls for Personal Wellness

Zooey Seraphine, Instructor

(for Personal Wellness, Meditation, & Home Use)

2021: May 26th|Sept 22nd|Dec15th 7-9PM

crystal singing bowls meditation

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Do you have a crystal singing bowl that’s not being used often? Crystal singing bowls are powerful tools to help us release stress, clear energy, and deepen meditation, among many other benefits. They are mesmerizing, and simple to use! 

Don’t let your crystal singing bowl simply add to your interior decorations! Let us help you access its magic, and incorporate it as a fun, regular part of your stress management and self-care habits!

Join us for this amazing event!

The OM Shoppe & Spa is pleased to host Zooey Seraphine in this incredible opportunity to learn from a professional and experienced sound therapy practitioner & musician, who will help you bring the power of sound into your daily life in an easy, fun, and powerful way.

Are you eager to use your beautiful crystal singing bowl at home, but are not sure exactly where to begin? Are you curious to discover all the ways that a singing bowl can improve your quality of life at home?

This course is for anyone interested in learning how to make the most use of a crystal singing bowl in their home or personal space, and to deepen their meditation practice.

This crystal singing bowl course will empower you to enrich the soul, calm the mind and revitalize the body through the crystalline vibrations of a single crystal singing bowl.

Learn how to play crystal singing bowls with nuance, finesse, energetic sensitivity, and confidence for personal energy work, and to develop or enhance your meditation practice.  

The Magic of Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls and facilitated sound therapy can help lower brainwaves, ease the mind into stillness, and shift you into deeper states of peace, helping you to access heightened states of consciousness, connect with your intuition, create and manifest intentions, and connect with the Universal Flow. 

What’s Covered?

In this first class on crystal singing bowls for personal wellness, you will learn about: 

  • How sound can benefit your life in profound ways, 
  • The different kinds of crystal singing bowls, 
  • A few, simple techniques for playing a crystal singing bowl,
  • The different ways you can use a crystal singing bowl to enhance the energy of your home space,
  • How to develop a personal wellness routine with your crystal singing bowl(s), 
  • You will have the opportunity to experience and learn a crystal singing bowl guided meditation for self-love and self-empowerment!

*You will be provided a crystal singing bowl to use during the class.

You will get hands-on experience playing with a crystal singing bowl, 


There will be a Q & A section afterwards, to answer any personal questions about the singing bowls.


You will receive a Handbook of Crystal Singing Bowl Technique & Meditations that you can reference when you are ready to apply what you learned at home.


An e-mailed PDF Certificate: Crystal Singing Bowls for Personal Wellness Course Completion– upon finishing course.

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Zooey Seraphine has been playing music ever since she was 6 years old, picking out tunes on the piano, and began performing piano professionally since age 11. At age 14, she began playing violin in orchestra settings, and since then, has experimented with various instruments in many different genres. 

Throughout her life, she has been heavily involved in meditative music and influenced greatly by the hypnotic elements of many styles of world music. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology, specializing in personal transformation through mindbody practices in underserved populations. 

Zooey is a professional musician and composer, and most recently, has taken on a role as sound therapy practitioner & Musical Director for the Om Shoppe & Spa. As a sound therapy practitioner, she composes and conducts private one-on-one and group sound journey and sound bath sessions. Her passion lies in helping others experience the transformative potential of sound, find inner stillness, release what they are ready to let go of, and re-discover their creative power within.  

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“Zooey has a warm and loving presence about her.  I felt at ease almost immediately and only under those circumstances could I have gone so deeply.  The sound experience was amazing.  All the different instruments gave such sound and texture.  It seemed as though she was everywhere in the room at once.   My intention to alleviate anxiety and reduce my stress level was recognized.   Not every sound experience is wonderful but Zooey’s are.   She is worth placing your trust in.”
Joy B.

The sound attunement that I experienced with Zooey was so amazing! I journeyed to so many special places. The jungle, the ocean’s floor, and gardens surrounded by the sounds of waterfalls! I came out feeling both relaxed and energized. It was a mystical and beautiful experience! Her beautiful spirit was felt and what a treasure she is to all who meet her!  I look forward to experiencing more in the future as well as her classes! Can’t wait!

Donna M.

Truly amazing experience! Sound healing with Zooey was the most incredible healing experience of my life.

A. Snyder