Singing Bowl Sound Baths at the OM

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Experience transformation through the harmonic resonance of crystal singing bowls.

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Discover the power of sound to help you access inner stillness, peace, and deep relaxation with our divine OM Singing Bowl Sound Baths.

Relax back in a zero gravity lounge chair, as we guide you into meditation, letting go, and present awareness with celestial sounds to elevate consciousness and transform your mind, body, and spirit

Feel yourself floating into that space in-between sleep and wakefulness, where you are completely nested in the Universal flow! 

These sound bath sessions provide an accessible way to help you unplug from the outside world, release your stress & rejuvenate midweek in an uplifting, guided sound meditation facilitated by sound therapy practitioners & professional musicians. 

A revival of the ancient practice of sound healing is revolutionizing holistic wellness and meditation experiences around the globe.

Check out what’s happening in New York and LA!

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Why are Sound Baths so popular? 

Sound and deep listening can activate the body’s self-healing capacity.

Among many other benefits, studies have shown that sound can help:

  • lower blood pressure, 
  • lower heart rate, 
  • improve mood,
  • alleviate stress & tension
  • reduce feelings of anxiousness,
  • increase nitric oxide in cells (that helps your body fully relax), 
  • improve sleep
  • enhance creativity,
  • increase neural connectivity, 
  • improve quality of life, and
  • deepen meditation 
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THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Where science meets sound for an experience that leaves you rejuvenated!

Experience powerful & transformative professional sound therapy at
The OM Shoppe & Spa.

You will receive: 

The vibrations of over 12 crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, ambience, and nature sounds. 

Instruction & Guidance into Deep Listening to help you get the most out of your meditation. 

Aromatherapy for deepened inner immersion. 

A crystal to enhance the Sound Bath theme. 

Grounding dark chocolate to help bring you back.

A beautiful  immersion in crystalline vibrations to lift your mood, still your mind, & relax your body.
Book regularly to up-level your meditation & stress management practice. 


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What is a Sound Bath?

An OM Singing Bowl Sound Bath is an all-acoustic immersion of sound, featuring over 12 crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and the gentle touch of a handful of other ambient crystalline instruments and chimes.

It is a deeply entrancing full-body listening experience, that use the sounds of our beautiful, crystalline instruments and the loving intention of our compassionate sound practitioners, to invite deep restoration to body and mind, and trigger the body’s self-healing capacity.

After a few minutes of guided focus on the body & breath, the remainder of the experience is filled with different intentional sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession to cleanse and reinforce the body’s energetic alignment, promote self-discovery, and induce a powerful meditative state. 

At the OM Shoppe & Spa, every experience is unique to the audience and intended theme.

OM Shoppe and Spa Law of Vibration

How will a Sound Bath Benefit Me?

If you have high levels of stress or frequently find yourself overwhelmed by your environment, you may be putting your entire well-being at risk.

Stress has been found to wreak havoc on your emotional balance and your physical health, narrowing your ability to focus, think clearly, and enjoy life. This is why it is so important to have an effective stress management routine in your life. 

So, what are you doing to manage your stress on a regular basis? 

Research has shown that meditation can be instrumental in helping decrease stress, improve brain activity, and enhance emotional & physical health.

OM Singing Bowl Sound Baths help you reach a deepened state of meditation more easily, while being nurtured in a group energy that is rooted in unconditional love. Besides the enhanced meditation effects, your body will also absorb the beautiful, powerful crystalline vibrations of crystal singing bowls & other gentle sound therapy instruments, rich in harmonic overtones. 

With a sound meditation, your mood can be lifted, and your ability to stay centered and at peace throughout your day can improve! With renewed confidence, the day-to-day stresses can decrease and your emotional weight can be lightened. 

The more you enter this deep state of meditation, the stronger its effects on your mind, body, and spirit! We offer monthly passes to help you incorporate the incredible ease and power of sound into your regular stress management routine!

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What makes a good Sound Bath or Sound Therapy Experience?

While every sound bath will be experienced differently for each person, there are universal elements that are important to have in order to create a relaxing, transcendental sound & meditation experience.

The following all make a significant impact on how effective the sound bath experience can be:

  • The quality of the instruments performed,
  • How the instruments are approached,
  • How the instruments blend together, and
  • How knowledgeable the practitioner is with music theory, composition, and improvisation
  • Framing with appropriate hypnotic language or neuro-linguistic programming.

The more skillful the practitioner is in creating harmonious soundscape and mood, the easier it can be for the recipient to relax the mindbody and have vivid inner imagery activated for a deep journey within.

This empowers the participant with the time and space to:

  • Do their inner work,
  • Clear emotional blocks,
  • Do forgiveness work, and
  • Find their own answers within.

The skilled practitioner has one foot in ordinary reality and the other in non-ordinary reality, acting as both a channeler and a guide.

By maintaining this state, the practitioner carries the freedom of inspired movement and playing while recognizing his role in shaping the participants’ inner journeys, and gently bringing them back to a safe space of energetic resolution.


Why are Sound Baths at the OM Shoppe & Spa so special?

In a deliberately mood-lifting atmosphere with low, colored lights from selenite & himalayan salt lamps, intention-based aromatherapy, and a crystal-gridded room, each of our guests relax with eye masks to the vibrations bouncing all around them.

In the carefully-cultivated atmosphere of our shop & spa, energy is constantly flowing, charging, and renewing.

This is an atmosphere that is difficult to recreate elsewhere, although we certainly do our best when we are called to.

THe OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing
The OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Do you offer Private Sound Baths?

Yes! Besides our public monthly offerings you can check out here, we also customize private group sound baths and sound journeys to fit a variety of needs. Explore our options for private events.

For a deeper, more individualized transformative experience, sign up for a customized private individual soundwave attunement or integrative sound journey treatment with Zooey Seraphine (musical director & sound therapy practitioner) or explore our spa menu here.

Read more about her one-on-one journeys here.

The OM Shoppe Sarasota, Fl Shamanic Sound Journey Sound Healing

Etiquette for your Sound Experience

  • Arrive without strong scents on you (i.e., perfume, cologne, or body odor).
  • Be respectful of the sensitivities of those around you.
  • Do not touch the sound bath instruments, unless you ask permission. Some are personal instruments of the sound practitioners, but we will be happy to show you how to approach the shop instruments for sale.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early, so you have time to settle into your seats and receive instruction before the journey begins.
  • Do not talk during the sound journey. Silence all cell phones and other distracting devices.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during the sound experience.
  • If you need an extra blanket to be comfortable, please bring it.

Crystal-infused alkaline water and grounding dark chocolate round out your amazing experience.

A unique surround-sound meditation experience for deep relaxation.

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