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Amazing! Very relaxing and everyone makes you feel like family!

If you have not visited the OM Shoppe you are missing out Big time! This was my first visit for a massage (my sister has been there and told me how wonderful everyone was and how they make you feel like family and how relaxing it is! ) and that had to be the best and most relaxing and healing energy massage in the world!

They started out by reading and clearing my Chakras which I have never had done before but going through a divorce I was willing to try it and then I had a wonderful Swedish massage…I walked out feeling better than ever and I wasn’t sore or achy like I was when I went in. The ladies there are wonderful and I will definitely be back! Definitely worth a trip to the store!

Trip Advisor Review by Tod S.

I would actually fly in for the day just to come here…

I love this place. I had a serious sciatica pain when I walked into the spa for my massage. When I left, the pain was gone. I wish I lived near by as would be there more often. (I live in PA).

Thinking about it I would actually fly in for the day just to come here, it’s that good.

I highly recommend this spa and beautiful shoppe. You will have a very enjoyable experience.

FB Review by Elizabeth Amabile, PA


Lovely shop, lovely people, and the experience is far beyond what you get at a usual spa, even the holistic spas don’t provide all that The Om Shoppe provides. I left feeling not just relaxed, but uplifted! The crystal chakra attunement massage was absolutely great, Kathy is a great therapist. And I loved the use of singing bowls too. In addition, Kathy is a numerologist and talked with me about my numbers, which was very interesting! Plus, they give you an aura reading along with a report on your aura/chakras and which are strong and which might need some attention, also very interesting! Just a great experience! This place is unique and the real deal….I highly recommend it and will return.

Yelp Review by Sara S.


Amazing! Could not recommend the Crystal Alchemy Treatment any higher, it is a ten!!

The women working there know their stuff, it’s relaxed, friendly and a wonderful place to find a gift or treat yourself and/or a friend to some serious realignment. Love!

FB Review by CreativeMediaChic, Sarasota

I highly recommend this treatment…

My experience with Deborah was fabulous. I had never had a massage where they used crystals and singing bowls as well as massage. It was relaxing and energizing at the same time. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who would like much more than just a massage to improve their whole bodyAl–mental, emotional, and physical. Also, their front of the house staff are friendly and very helpful. They have a lot of great information and are very knowledgeable where mind, body and spirit health are concerned!!!

FB Review by Janne Ackerman


As soon as I have entered this beautiful Crystal Sanctuary, I have felt my spirit lifted and my stress level go down. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, I treated myself to a series of massages at the Om Shoppe & Spa. All of them were very relaxing and healing. My favourite was the Crystal Stone Chakra Attunement Massage.

Trip Advisor Review by manuelawitts

I love this place.

I had a serious sciatica pain when I walked into the spa for my massage. When I left, the pain was gone. I wish I lived near by as would be there more often. (I live in PA). Thinking about it I would actually fly in for the day just to come here, it’s that good. I highly recommend this spa and beautiful shoppe. You will have a very enjoyable experience.

Google Review by Elizabeth Amabile

Truly a heart centered space…

The Om Shoppe FEELS amazing. It’s such a beautiful atmosphere with so much love woven through it all. The staff are super friendly and have always made me feel really comfortable. Sometimes I would go in really ungrounded, feeling not much myself and regardless of what I was like at the time, I always felt held in a bubble of love.

I recently had an IET session with Cindy, and holy wow! I’ve never experienced such a release. It was beyond powerful and shifted a lot for me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!…

FB Review by Kim R., Austin, TX

All I can say is, GO NOW!!!

The absolute best experience ever. I have been to many spas and have had many massages.

​​​​​​​From walking in and meeting Courtney to the treatment room with Debra. I had the Chakra balance massage. Well all i can say is. GO NOW!

FB Review by Tammy Otis-rivera, Sarasota

Couples Sound Therapy was Awesome!

My husband and I went in for a couples sound therapy treatment. Phenomenal experience!!!! The folks here are warm and sincere. The aura reading that was done before the treatment was spot on as to both our physical difficulties. I feel so energetic today!! I would recommend this for anyone – especially great for a birthday or holiday gift. We are definitely going back for more!!

Trip Advisor Review by Deborah L.

Excellent ambience.

Great Massage. I will do it again for sure.

Google Review by Luz Marina Blacker

Very professional place.

This place is really top notch! The spa experience is bar none the best I’ve been to. Excellent tones, music, massage, scents, and peace! Very professional place. I will most definitely return and spread the word!

FB Review by Marie D.

I will definitely go back!

The Om Shoppe and Spa was recommended to me by a coworker and friend. From the moment I walked into the shop my attitude changed. I had a busy work day and planned this visit right out of work. Everyone was at peace and the music was calm and healing. My treatment was amazing! I highly recommend to everyone. In our high stressed society we need to experience zen once in awhile. I will definitely go back!

FB Review by Michelle Rene Suzor

Wonderful experience!

I’ve have two spa treatments at the Om Shoppe. Both have been stellar. The folks there are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t wait to do another treatment or just go in and feel the awesome energy.

Trip Advisor Review by Bastmuse

So good I came back

As a masseuse myself, it’s hard to find someone who is good, & won’t just move the skin but really work the muscles. Kathy does, & she is amazing! It was so good back in January I travelled 4500 miles to come back for another treatment!!! Cannot rate The Om Shoppe and spa enough. Ladies (& Oliver!), I wish I lived closer!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

Trip Advisor Review by SparklesBournemouth

Just plain AWESOME!

If you want a unique experience, go to the OM Shoppe & Spa. From the wonderful ladies that operate this boutique business, to the specialty items, to the massages, it is truly a wonderful way to calm down and let yourself go into that happy place. And they just added facials. Can’t wait to have my first one in another week! Love, love, love this place!

Trip Advisor Review by Laura34618

I will be going back!

Went here for a couples massage and absolutely loved it. The staff was so kind and attentive. The massage rooms are very well appointed and comfortable. It was definitely an experience because they incorporate an aura/chakra reading beforehand and use those results during the massage experience. I recommend it to my cousin for her and her boyfriend too. I will be going back!

Google Review by Candace Matthews

Yesterday I had the best massage experience of my life!

The headache, aches, stiffness & stress I came in with did not leave with me!! Last night I listened to Co-owner Beth Snyder’s podcast on YouTube for sleep & for the first time in weeks I fell asleep without the insomnia that has been keeping me awake. The OM Shoppe & Spa is an asset to the community & well worth the drive if you’re not in Sarasota! I drive up from Venice & would drive further if need be!! Because I felt so much better after my appointment, my husband said I should go routinely & I agree, I will!! THANK YOU OM Shoppe

FB Review by Barbara O'Boyle


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