Enviromental Health Policies & Procedures

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Safe To Relax

Enviromental Safety 

Our facility is regularly disinfected, with disinfecting products approved by the CDC. We are working hard to reduce the likelihood that COVID-19 could enter our facility. Protecting our staff, customers and clients remains of paramount importance for us.

The OM Shoppe Showroom

For the safety of all guests and our staff please adhere to the following when visiting our showroom.

Guests & Staff

To protect our guests throughout the day we do the following.

  • Disinfect Commonly Touched Areas i.e.Checkout/Door Handles & Counter Tops
  • Run An Air Purifier with UV Light & Hepa Filter
  • Disinfect Restrooms Multiple Times’ Daily

Spa Appointments

Our spa clients safety and ability to relax is of great importance to us all. Protecting our staff and therapists is of great concern. Creating a safe space where both therapist and client can feel comfortable is our aim.

  • Therapists Are Happy To Wear A Mask If Requested
  • Spa Clients Must Fill Out A Covid Disclousre Form
  • Clients Must Sign A Liability Waiver Before Receiving Treatment
  • Clients Must Wash Hands Before & After Treatment

Before and after treatments our Spa Facility rooms are disinfected as per CDC guidelines using products that adhere to the recommendations of medical experts.

  • No Blankets Or Linens Are Reused
  • Rooms Are Disinfected Including All Door Knobs/ Table Tops / Bedding / Bottles / Floors/ Seating & Tools
  • 10 Minutes Of Air Circulation In Our Spa Rooms Is Conducted Between Appointments

Classes & Events

The OM Shoppe has resumed events to full capacity. At this time as cases are still on the decline in Sarasota County and the U.S. we are working hard to keep Covid-19 from entering our facility.

We will update everyone with the steps we are taking to keep us all safe & sound.

We deeply appreciate everyones willingness to help keep us all stay safe & sound during this trying time. We are available to disucss any questions or help clarify anything further by calling us directly. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
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