Group Sound Journeys at the OM

Our in-house Group OM Shamanic Sound Journeys™ are held the last Sunday of each month at 3PM.

Be one of ONLY 15 guests each session for this luxurious, exclusive meditative experience!

This guided sound meditation is the only one of its kind in all of Florida and the East Coast, so reserve your spot early, as we are typically Sold Out!

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In this journey, you will:

  • Relieve tension as you sink into a zero-gravity chair. With an eye mask to deepen your internal awareness, you get to listen to & bask in the vibrations of more than 50 etheric instruments played all around you.
  • Let your mind be coaxed into a theta brainwave state and opened to an inward exploration through the loving guidance of our experienced clinical hypnotherapist.
  • Receive the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oil aromatherapy to enhance the journey’s specific intention.
  • Take in the intimate vibrations of an energetically amplified, crystal-gridded space, with color and light therapy from himalayan salt blocks and selenite lamps.
  • Experience the emotional release and transformation of active listening and exposure to the powerful resonance of professional-quality instruments and sonic vibrations for a full hour.
  • Get a Free Crystal with an energetic imprint of your journey.
Group Sound Journey Concerts

Rate Information

Each 60-minute journey is $75 per seat.

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(941) 706-3257

What Others Are Saying!

“What a treat!!! So relaxing and peaceful. You could feel the energy within your body change as the session progressed. I felt restored and more balanced when I left. Can’t wait to see what I feel like in a couple more days!!! Definitely recommend!!!” – D. Medici

“Relaxing, beautiful ‘get-away’ to recharge and restore the soul!” – Caroline Sampey

“The moment I walked into The Om Shoppe, I got a great vibe. It oozes peace!  Come and soothe your soul.” – Blanca Stella Mejia

“What an incredible place.  Smells lovely, the sound therapy actually really works and helps. The vibrations are amazing.” – Marlohe Muse

“Always an uplifting and peace-filled experience when I walk through the doors of The OM Shoppe & Spa.” – Sharon Panonne

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